Kickstarter, halfway there!

Hey Boujie Friends!

I'm writing today with a smile on my face, but still very much at the edge of my seat.

The Kickstarter is gaining some serious ground, but there's still a long way to go! Good news is, I'm seeing more and more friendly strangers' names on the Backer list. That means all the sharing you've been doing is paying off! If you've shared, if you're already a Backer, thank you, a million times over! 

There are still lots of friendly friends, though, who I would love to see jump on board! I've had Backers pledge everything from $1 to $1000, and believe me when I say thatEVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS. If all of my personal email and Facebook contacts, plus every fan of the Bouije Facebook page each gave $20 right now, we'd be fully funded. And there's plenty of Fancy Schmancy Goodness for everyone! What's holding you back? :)

Need a little convincing? Here's the top five reasons to become a Backer:
1. You know me, you like me, and friends help each other out! You know I'd do the same for you (maybe I already have!). :)
2. You've had some of my food or baked goods in the past, and they were MMMMMMM-inducing. Now you can cash in on exclusive treats, t-shirts, and stickers, before anyone else!
3. I give back, whenever possible. I regularly use Boujie Baking Co. as a tool to help my community in any capacity possible, from the Cookies for CASA to special events. Help me help our friends and neighbors!
4. There's BEER in my products. Need I say more?
5. The warm fuzzies! You like helping out small businesses (who doesn't?!), and helping make dreams come true. 

Keep sharing, and please, contribute if you can. The most popular rewards are $25, $45, and $95. Don't have to break the bank to score some delicious goods and help out your favorite beer-kissed baker on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with Whole Foods. But power in numbers only comes when ALL the individuals pitch in. That means YOU! 

Thank you for all your love and support! Together, we CAN do this!


PS I'll be posting the link to today's KHSU Food for Thought interview as soon as they post it. Keep an eye on Facebook! And see below for your special invite to a party at Mad River Brewing next week.


The other exciting news? We're hosting a Beer-Kissed Kickstarter and Community Appreciation Party with Mad River Brewing next week. Join us on Thursday, March 13th from 6p - 9p for caramel sauce fun, a raffle, beer, cornhole, and food from their NEW KITCHEN! (High fives to Mad River Brewing!) There will be extra special perks for backers, so get involved before you come out, or become a backer at the party. Free, and all ages!

Kickstart Boujie to the moooon!

Well hey there, Boujie fan! 

Thank you so much for stopping by! We're really excited about this huge opportunity, and the Kickstarter campaign to back it, and we know YOU have the power to help make it or break it, you superhero, you. It'd mean the world to us if you'd take a minute and share the love with everyone in your circle! 

Cassie Forrington, owner/baker/founder, Boujie Baking Co.

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Giving back

I'm the type of person who's always been involved in as many community activities as possible. When I was a child, I was in the children's chorus. In high school, much of my extra curricular activities were through volunteer organizations. I organized blood drives, I was a Big Sister. It's something I do because not only is it the right thing to do, but it makes ME feel good, and I get to interact with some really great people.

When I started Boujie Baking Co. in January 2012, I had only made one sale before someone approached me about donating some baked goods for a fundraiser. It was like a lightbulb going off: WOW, I can use my business as a tool to help organizations in my community! As a new business owner, I didn't (and still don't) have much time or funds to give, but I could give product, which was the best use of my time and funds.

Now, I'm not breaking any molds by doing this. Many, if not most, small businesses give back to their community somehow. They make donations, sponsor events, etc. But while it may be a commonplace thing, it's like a huge added bonus of owning a business, to me. It's something I never considered would be a part of my trajectory. 

Fast forward 2 years. I've donated to every cause I possibly can, taking every opportunity that comes my way. I thrive on helping my community organizations, and feel blessed that I have a business that I can use as a tool to do so. It creates connections, gives me the warm fuzzies, and always has a good outcome for everyone involved. And in Fall 2013, I, personally, did the training to become a CASA. 

CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate. These are people who volunteer their time to spend some time, on a regular basis, with a child in foster care, and then advocate on that child's behalf in court. It's a very challenging position, but very rewarding. I left the training every night nearly in tears, wondering what more I could do.

May May's Pecan Bars

May May's Pecan Bars

Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

So it's with great pride and excitement that I announce the launch of the new Cookies for CASA line. These cookies are individually wrapped bundles of joy. And 50% of all profits will go directly to CASA of Humboldt. For now, that's the most I can do. But for now, I think that's okay.


Have an event or cause you'd like some sponsorship on? Please contact Cassie at yum (at) boujiebakingco (dot) com.

Cookies for CASA are available at all local Humboldt County retailers. Find one today!